A FLY-HALF who uses Newcastle's Jonny Wilkinson as his role model played a big part in spoiling Durham School's day out at Twickenham, writes IAN LAMONT.

Michael Whitehead showed why several Premiership clubs are on his trail as Campion, from Essex, became the first southern school to win the Daily Mail Under-18s Cup, beating Durham 18-0.

Superb defending ensured Campion carried out their six-year-old vow to win the cup.

Given a choice earlier in their school careers, of whether they would prefer a tour or to win the national schools knockout, they chose the latter.

However, they ended up doing both, and a trip to Australia and New Zealand last summer set the foundations for this successful campaign.

Whitehead explained: "When we were first years, the side in the sixth form at the time got to the semi-final and we just said we wanted to win it.

"We learned lessons in New Zealand definitely. They were a lot bigger than us, and the way we drove Durham back all came from that."

Emerging first onto the pitch, the boys linked arms and listened to captain James Griffiths as he jabbed his arm repeatedly towards Durham.

"It's because we did it on tour when they did a Haka," revealed Whitehead. "We've lined up like that ever since.

"I think I can learn a lot from Jonny Wilkinson, he just practises, practises, practises all the time. He is the guy I want to be like."

Whitehead's contribution - good kicking and handling - should not be overstated in a marvellous demonstration of team rugby, especially by the backs, but a cheeky drop goal midway through the second half gave Campion a 15-0 cushion.

Campion scored after six minutes when Dan Vincent crunched his way through wide on the left. A long clearance kick by Whitehead ten minutes later proved their only respite for the next 15 or 20 minutes as Durham mounted serious pressure.

Near the end of the first half, Durham nearly levelled when captain Nick Hooper was just kept out.

A minute into the second half, Campion struck again, Adrian Lunan finishing off a good move to score a converted try for a 12-0 lead.

In response, Vacass Ali lost his man on the halfway line but was cut off by the Campion full back.

Durham followed up and got to the line, but were unable to ground the ball, and Whitehead's drop goal, followed by a penalty, killed them off.