Willington League - Howden Australian B held on to the top spot after beating the visiting Willington Burn to stay one point clear of Oakenshaw Club.

The Aussie had singles wins from Michael Burke, Steven Burke, Paul Davidson and Michael Lee with Gordon Foster and Charlie Wayman replying for the visitors. The Aussie completed their win by taking two of the three doubles.

Willington Brewer's Droop A severely dented the title chances of their hosts at the Black Horse Tavern when they came through to take the last two doubles to clinch an odd point victory.

The Horse opened strongly with singles wins from Craig Eales, Donald Young and Neville Ridley but then Alan Lee senior, Jason Bolam and Alan Lee junior levelled the match. This defeat puts the Black Horse five points behind Oakenshaw Club.

Results: Willington Market 6, Sunnybrow Brown Trout 3; Willington FC 3, Prospect Club 6; Willington Brewer's Droop B 3, Oakenshaw Club 6; Willington Black Horse Tavern 4, Willington Brewer's Droop 5; Howden Australian B 6, Willington Burn 3; Willington Commercial 3, Howden Australian A 6.

Bishop Auckland League

Spennymoor Ashtree maintained second place after setting up a good home win over Spennymoor Weardale in the singles, where they had two points from Chris Bowran, Alan Jones and Paul Biddle with Harry Baillie adding one. In reply the Weardale had two points from Stephen Newall and one from Shane Casen. The Weardale took the doubles through Lou Cooper and Steve Newall but then the Ashtree's Paul Biddle beat Shane Casen in both captain's games.

Witton Park put up a good fight before losing by three points at home to the third placed, Bishop Auckland Derby. The home side had two singles points from Paul Frame and one each from Dean Hodgson and Steve Barker, while the Derby had two from Mick Hoggart and Kevin Stewart with Chris Peacock and Chris Murray adding one each. Andrew Delve and Michael Richardson took the doubles for the Derby and then Paul Frame and Paul Willey shared the captain's points.

Crook Olde Horse Shoe lead the table by seven points from the Ashtree, who are seven ahead of the Derby with the only outstanding result being Bishop Auckland King's Head v Spennymoor Ashtree.

Results: Witton Park Rose and Crown 5, Bishop Auckland Derby 8; Henknowle Manor House 5, St. Helens Wheatsheaf 8; Bishop Auckland Cumberland Arms 2, Bishop Auckland King's Head 11; Crook Olde Horse Shoe 10, Spennymoor Hillingdon 3; Spennymoor Ashtree 9, Spennymoor Weardale 4.

Spennymoor League

Spennymoor Penny Gill came back to force a draw at Spennymoor Hillingdon when L. Robson beat G. Smith in the captain's game.

The home side had moved ahead in the singles with wins from C. Simpson, P. Fox and G. Smith, whilst the visitors had points from A. Armstrong and L. Robinson.

The doubles were shared to set up the deciding captain's game.

Results: Coxhoe Kicking Cuddy 4, Spennymoor Ashtree 4; Spennymoor Half Moon 5, Spennymoor North Eastern 3; Spennymoor Hillingdon 4, Spennymoor Penny Gill 4; Spennymoor Crown 0, Spennymoor Pit Laddie 8; Spennymoor Black Horse 7, Spennymoor Railway 1; Spennymoor Victoria 2, Spennymoor Voltigeur 6; Coxhoe Red Lion 4, Spennymoor Wheatsheaf 4; Spennymoor Railway 3, Spennymoor Black Horse 5; Spennymoor Pit Laddie 8, Spennymoor Crown 0; Spennymoor Ashtree 7, Coxhoe Kicking Cuddy 1.

P W D L Pts

Pit Laddie 12 8 2 2 67

Black Horse 12 9 2 1 62

Chil Wheatsheaf 11 7 2 2 56

Voltigeur 11 5 2 4 52

Hillingdon 12 3 7 2 51

Half Moon 12 7 1 4 50

Quinns Inn 9 8 1 0 48

Spennymoor FC 11 8 0 3 46

Victoria 11 5 0 6 44

Sp. Wheatsheaf 8 4 3 1 39

Red Lion 11 3 4 4 38

North Eastern 12 2 2 8 38

Penny Gill 12 1 5 6 36

Railway 12 1 2 9 35

Kicking Cuddy 12 0 4 8 33

Ash Tree 8 2 2 4 31

Salvin Arms 6 1 4 1 23

Crown 10 0 1 9 19

Crook League

Crook Olde Horse Shoe B pulled off a very good home win over Crook Coach and Horses A. Both teams took a doubles point but the Shoe had two singles points from James Ivil and one each from Louie Holmes, Louie Frasier, Dave Leighton, Carl Maddison and Jeff Scott.

The Coach replied with two wins for Phil Tobin and Ray Holliday with Eric Reynolds adding one.

Already the battlelines are being drawn in the First Division as Crook Travellers Rest B and Crook Olde Horse A have opened out gaps on the rest with only two games gone. The Travellers currently hold a one point lead.

Results: Crook Travellers Rest B 11, Crook Jelly's Bar A 3; Crook Golden Fleece 9, Crook Crown 5; Crook Coach and Horses B 6, Crook Spitfire Club 8; Crook Jelly's B 4, Crook Surtees 10; Crook White Swan 9, Crook Queen's Head B 5; Crook Olde Horse Shoe B 8, Crook Coach and Horses A 6; Crook Royal Sun 5, Crook Queen's Head A 9; Crook Mill House 3, Crook Olde Horse Shoe A 11; Crook Belle Vue 9, Crook Travellers Rest A 5. Crook Queen's Head B v Croft SC no result