Pupils from year four visited Chester-le-Street, on Wednesday, March 21.

We went in to see Saint Mary's and Saint Cuthbert's Church.

Our guide Frank xxxxxxx told us about the Romans and Vikings.

In the church, we saw an effigy next to the pews. There were also stained glass windows.

We went into the Anchorage and Amelia Ramsay did a rubbing.

Some ducks were following us on the bowling green. We had a look around the gardens and saw a mosaic that the Romans made.

An artist had built the pigs stick house. It was made out of wattle.

We had our picture taken on the solar system called the Milky Way.

Lily Lumley was murdered and put down the well.

We saw the football people training for the school team.

By Barry Daley, Kirsty Crow and Robert Renwick