Stokesley's Nigel Hargreaves just can't go wrong on the new Maple Lake at Sessay, writes JEFF HERBERT.

Winner the previous week Nigel stormed ahead once again leading a terrific match of 39 double figured weights.

Nigel of Pole Pullers tackled peg 16 on the pole and maggot at 12 metres taking lots of small carp up to the pound mark against the far bank for 33.2.0.

Adopting identical tactics Stef Armitage of Bradford couldn't find a carp over 0.8.0 on peg 14 and had to settle for 2nd place registering 26.9.0.

Others in frame: Gary Pawlott (Oaks) 25.12.0. Kevin Gilligan (York) 21.13.0.

Anglers are turning out in force at the Woodlands complex and with the big Angling Times Northern Winter League Semi Final fast approaching tickets are in great demand as many practice for this prestigious event.

Sunday's open split between Kestrel Partridge and Skylark lakes attracted 106 hopefuls and Sheffield's Alan Barker beat the sell out field recording all carp totalling 44.10.0.

Corner peg 19 on Partridge delivered the goods. Alan utilised the pole & corn at 11 metres and netted samples up to the 4.0.0. mark.

Victory eluded Diawa Goldthorpe's Dave Ludlam as disastrously a couple of big carp shed the hook. Fishing Skylark 11 the maggot feeder attack and double maggot on the hook brought carp of a bigger stamp to make for 39.3.0 at the scales.

Highlight during Wednesday's Open at Woodlands was a massive bag of 81.11.0 from Skylark Lake.

Angler in the thick of the action Map Elton's Darren Taylor pulled out form peg 22 and caught steadily on the pole and corn locating some big carp and a sprinkling of tench with spells on the bomb and waggler to keep the bites coming.

Best of the rest Elton Tackle's Dave Gill on the adjoining peg swapped between feeder and bomb on the corn for 46.11.0 hotly pursued by Bill Blythe of Newman Scotts on 46.2.0.

Saturday's Opens - Partridge & Skylark Lakes (60 rods): 1. J. McGarrell (Map Elton) 52.2.0 off Skylark 23 - all carp including a mirror of 7.0.0 on maggot feeder & corn; 2. P. Smith (Leeds) 39.15.0; 3. P. Nixon (Newman Scott) 39.14.0.

Dragonfly Mallard & Swallow Lakes (46): 1. W. Bartholemew (Maver Barnsley Blacks) 47.12.0. Mallard peg 3 all carp to maggot & corn hookbaits; 2. H. Cutts (Diawa Goldthorpe) 38.12.0; 3. D. Clayton (Matchman Supplies) 36.2.0.

Armley's Dave Wright had a double reason to celebrate during Sunday's Carpvale Pool Open at Moor Monkton. He drew his favourite peg 52 and duly won with 23.6.0 but then found out it was the day's 'Golden draw' worth £370.

Dave an expert on this venue pole fished corn tight to the little island and tempted seven similar sized carp, a mixture of commons and mirrors.

Just one specimen behind Byron Dell of Normark replied with 21.14.0 of carp on groundbait feeder & maggot off peg six.

In the opening round of the Leisure Services Open on Silksworth Lake Darlington Angling Centre's Peter Close recorded 9.2.0 holding off Metro's Louie McIntosh at the next peg.

Peter chose the groundbait feeder and maggot off peg 14 and cast into open water locating 6 skimmer bream supplementing the rest of his net with gudgeon.

Meanwhile Louie on 13 couldn't match the winners pace and finished with 7.1.0.

Other Results, Raker Open - Horseshoe Lake - Wheldrake: 1. S. Phillips (Harehill WMC) 19.15.0; 2. F. Johnson (Idle & Thackley) 18.6.0; 3. J. Wild (Barnsley Jnrs) 17.8.0.

Broken Brea Open Brompton: 1. G. Hall (Northallerton) 20.1.0; 2. L. McGuiness (Cleveland Angling Centre) 19.5.0; 3. L. Morton (Darlington) 15.6.0.

Trout News: Redworth's Jubilee Lakes (tel: 01388 772611) - giving a four fish rod average as temperatures start to rise.

Good numbers of rainbows over 4.0.0. The best of several doubles last week 13.6.0 feel to an olive fritz for Middlesbrough's Keith Diboll.

Gold head damsel, green buzzer & cats whisker accounting for many fish. The first meeting of the Ferryhill Bankmaster is set for Sunday at Lockwood Beck.

Meet 9am and fish 10-4pm. Any queries contact Austin on (01388) 811768.