TWO teenagers appeared before a court after a sex romp in in a North-East city centre street.

Shane Harland, 19, and Stacy Arnett, 17, were in the throes of passion when police arrived to arrest them. They had been out drinking in Sunderland, and as they made their way along High Street West, they were overcome with desire.

As dozens of people looked on, the couple began having sex in the middle of the street.

Harland, 19, of Lambourne Close, Bournmoor, County Durham, and Arnett, 17, of St Johns, in Sunderland's East End, each admitted behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

A more serious charge of outraging public decency was withdrawn by the prosecution at Sunderland Magistrates Court.

Geoff Pearson, for Harland, said the pair had both been out on Saturday night and had been "very drunk".

"They wanted to get a little closer, but it was not an appropriate time or place," said Mr Pearson. "Mr Harland is very embarrassed by his behaviour at that particular time and apologises if he has caused any offence."

Arnett, who was not represented, told the court: "I am sorry.

"We were both really drunk and started kissing after a little while together. One thing led to another and I suppose we just got carried away. It was a crazy thing to do, I have never done anything like that before and I'm quite embarrassed about it. I haven't told my mum and dad, but I did break the news to my granny. She was really shocked."

The pair were each given a year's conditional discharge.