Q: If I move in with my ageing parents how will it affect their Housing and Council Tax Benefits? I am self-employed making about £15,000 a year gross.

A: It really depends on their circumstances as well as yours. Generally the council will assume that you were contributing £6.95 a week to their Council Tax and £47.75 a week to their rent.

Q: I have heard that a divorced woman can inherit her ex-husband's SERPS. It sounds unlikely but is it true?

A: No. An ex-husband's contributions may boost a divorced woman's basic Retirement pension to standard rate but this does not apply to SERPS.

Q: Is it true that the new Bereavement Benefit is only payable for a year if you have no dependant children?

A: Yes. And you have to be 45 or over when your spouse dies to get it. Unlike the Widows Pension it replaces, it goes to both men and women.

Q: At 81 my doctor says I should sell my house and go into a care home. I have heard that if I do the Social Services will get all the proceeds from the sale. Is this true?

A: Not really. Selling your house will presumably put your capital above the £16,000 level at which you are expected to pay for the care home costs in full. So you will have to use the proceeds of the home to pay for your keep.

Q: My State Pension is £364.12 a month and my wife's £161.60 a month. My works pension is £144 a month and our savings £8,000. Any chance of help with the Council Tax of £736?

A: Yes. A rebate of £7.76 a week.

Q: I have a pension of £109.33 a week and I pay rent of £156 a month and Council Tax of £414 a year. Am I entitled to any rebate?

A: Yes. Rebates will reduce your basic rent to £11.16 a week and Council Tax to £3.43 a week.

Q: My wife has a State Pension of £62 and private pensions of £115 a month, while I have Incapacity Benefit of £52. How much Council Tax should we be paying?

A: None. You are due about £1 a week Income Support as well.