SEA cadets on Teesside are showing the Nelson spirit and refusing to be beaten by vandals.

Window-smashing hooligans and cellar flooding problems drove the youngsters out of their Middlesbrough base more than a year ago.

Determined not to be beaten, the squad has vowed to move back into beleaguered Parry House in Marton Road, but is looking to local firms to help sponsor the cost of repairs and work at the base.

TS Jupiter, Middlesbrough Sea Cadets are raising as much money as they can themselves, beginning their campaign with a flag day which raised more than £300.

For the past 15 months the cadets have been sharing St Oswald's Church hall in the town's Marton Burn Road, with mother and toddler and other groups.

Unit chairman Liz Chambers said: "The cadets moved out of Parry House because of the state of the place, thanks to the vandals and because of flooding in the cellar.''

The cadets need to raise £15,000 for new flooring at the base - named after one of their founders - plus £500 for a sump pump to keep the cellar dry.

"We want to move back in because the kids need somewhere they can train.

"It is purpose-built; an ideal place and a lovely house," said Mrs Chambers.

"They are supposed to prepare for the Navy and although we are not a pre-service unit, we want to be. Parry House has a galley where they can practice making meals. In the church hall, they can't do that.

"Unless we can get sponsorship from someone we are going to be stuck. The cadets are putting in a Lottery bid. They have tried it before and got nowhere.

"What we are trying to do is try to get some fundraising and contacts to get some corporate sponsorship."