THE thorny question of what to do with parking disc cash has been resolved.

A dispute broke out at Guisborough Town Council when it was suggested that the £2,038 should be put towards the cost of Christmas lights.

Some members felt the money should be divided equally between Guisborough in Bloom and the lights appeal.

Others said the funds should benefit the whole community each year.

Coun Malcolm Griffiths said he would prefer to seethe money go to Guisborough in Bloom rather than the lights.

Council clerk Pam Batts said: "Because of the parking revenue last year we were able to make a dramatic impact with the lights.

"The council already gives £2,000 to Guisborough in Bloom. We desperately need to replace the Christmas star motifs."

Coun Griffiths said: "As long as we accept responsibility for the lights, no-one else will."

Coun Dave Punshon said the disc money was for priorities of the council to enhance the town.

Coun Keith Pudney said the cost of erecting and taking down the lights was 'farcical. It's not Blackpool promenade," he said.

Coun Griffiths said: "We could use that money for things which would benefit people 52 weeks a year.

"Other organisations don't get involved in the lights. It's like a festering sore and I can see it going on year after year. If shopkeepers want this, let them get on with it."

It was eventually agreed that Mrs Batts would report back with the cost of replacing the star motifs at which point a decision would be taken.

At the July meeting, Coun Mary Kirkpatrick appealed for the disc cash to be given to the lights.

"The glory we got from this last year was tremendous," she said.

"Everyone was talking about it. People were saying it was the best display ever. It was the talk of the town.

"We were telling people it would be better than ever this year.

"I know Guisborough in Bloom needs money but their activities are in summer and there is more chance to bring money in. The Christmas lights are a different case.

"By all means consider different allocation of the cash next year, but let's do the lights this time."

Mrs Batts said the cost of replacing the motifs would be £1,998.

Coun Pudney said: "We were hoping some of the Christmas expense would be in partnership with others rather than us taking the lead in providing illuminations.

"There is also the cost of putting these things up."

Mrs Batts pointed out that the Business Association paid for the work last year.

It was agreed to use the disc revenue to fund the lights.

Eisteddfod cash.. - Members greed to donate £250 to the Teesside International Eisteddfod.

Coun Brian Whiteley said he had attended last year's event.

"It was fantastic," he said. "Well worth supporting."

Bakehouse thanks. - Coun Anne Franklin proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs Batts for her work on the Bakehouse Square mural project.

"Everyone thinks it is wonderful," she said. "Pam put a lot of work in and our thanks should be recorded."

The mural was recently unveiled at a special ceremony attended by artist Andy McKeown and schoolchildren who had worked with him to produce the mural, which depicts aspects of Guisborough's history.

Coun Kirkpatrick felt councillors had not been very much involved. "Not necessarily because they did not want to, but because they did not know input was needed," she said. "There should have been more information circulated."

Coun Shelagh Holyoake disagreed. "It has taken three years to achieve this. It has moved slowly but a lot of people have been heavily involved along the way. People like former councillors Frances Christie, David Davies and myself as chairman at the time," she said.

"I was so proud of the mural I had two classes from my own school stop off in Guisborough to show them the work and that is how everyone in the town should be."

Coun Kirkpatrick: "Yes, but we needed a meeting about it nearer the launch time so more members could have been involved."

Coun Kirkpatrick: "Yes, but we needed a meeting about it nearer the launch time so more members could have been involved."

Coun Pudney said: "A considerable number of councillors were at the unveiling.

"And the children have had a real buzz from being involved. I hope it engenders a degree of ownership with them and if they do see anything untoward in the area of the mural they will speak up.

"It would be such a shame if something happened to it."

Parking problems. - Coun Pudney expressed concern about a housing development at the bottom of Wilson Street.

"People use this area as a turning spot for cars as manoeuvring is hard due to vehicles being parked on both sides of the road," he said.

"Extra homes here would put a strain on parking in the street. I would want to see this issue addressed."