WE met at 3pm and set off to join the tribute act AbbaMania.

Arriving at Sunderland's Empire Theatre, we met our tour manager, Claire, who showed us to our dressing room, which was really exciting.

We sat down and relaxed before we were rounded up to rehearse the songs I Have A Dream and Fernando, and the movements for the performance.

We practised for about ten minutes when the band, who were all really nice to us, came in. By the time we had finished the rehearsal we were perfect.

It was finally 7.30pm and time to see if those weeks of practising had paid off.

Our teachers, Ted Haslam, Paul Harrison and Mick Donnelly, took us to the theatre.

We came down the aisle, went on stage and listened nervously as we waited for our cue. When we started to sing the audience clapped and we were relieved that the performance went well.

Afterwards, we went to sit in the audience and we started to sing and dance in the aisles.

All good things come to an end, but we got a special cheer. Then it was time to go home. We were all tired, yet excited, and we had a great time.