VILLAGERS are being given the chance to help draw up a blueprint for their community's regeneration.

People in Thornley complained about the uncertain future facing the village after a lack of demand for council houses prompted Easington District Council to decide to reduce its housing stock.

Growing concerns prompted a number of consultation exercises to be staged in the village. And with new proposals in the pipeline, further public forums are to be staged.

The first will be on Tuesday, followed by a second on Tuesday, December 4. Both events will be held in Thornley Officials Club, in the High Street.

Each resident will be invited to one of the forums.

Consultants organising the studies on behalf of the council and the Three Rivers Housing Group, said: "We need to stimulate active interest from as many residents in the community as possible.

"We are well aware that much consultation work has already been carried out in Thornley in recent years. However, the events are intended to bring together ideas from previous exercises and to establish what issues are important to the community now."

The sessions start at 7.30pm and finish at 9pm. Anyone wanting further information should contact 0191-566 4700.