HARTLEPOOL chairman Ken Hodcroft is ready to turn the tables on the PFA - by asking the footballers' union to pay his players if they strike.

Pool's Division Three clash with Rochdale could be one of only two games in England to go ahead next weekend as strike action by the players looms.

The game was earlier brought forward a day as Pool experiment with Friday night football.

"We will not pay wages if players strike,'' insisted Hodcroft. "We will have zero income from the cancelled games and at our level we can't pay to subsidise a strike which will not benefit HUFC.

"When and if they strike we will ask the PFA to pay the players' wages in full plus all the lost income to the club and the people who will be out of income for the day of the match (stewards, catering staff, etc), we'll then see how much the PFA support football.''

Speaking on the club website, Hodcroft joined the calls for a fresh ballot after a new offer was made to the PFA.

"I understand that the PFA had 92 per cent of the players return votes and 99 per cent voted yes. Voted yes for what? For what the PFA said at the time of the ballot?

"Well things have now moved on, there's £50m on the table - time for another vote I think.

He added: "The PFA says it has the full support of the public - well does it? What does the public support?

"HUFC does not support the current strike action and to date has not seen any benefit of any kind given to the club from the PFA. The PFA and its members have a lot to lose if they fail in their strike action.''

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