A GUISBOROUGH man who has made himself an expert on the law surrounding rights of way has been given a top award by the British Horse Society.

Dr John Sugden has received the Bodynfoel Award for the person who has done most to promote the society. He received it from Mr Michael Laurie, the Master of the Worshipful Company of Saddlers.

In a tribute to him, a spokesman said: "He has a deep insight into the law surrounding matters of rights of way and access to the countryside and open space and has participated to the full in producing the advisory literature issued by the society."

In recent years Dr Sugden played a major part in constructing training sessions for BHS volunteers and members of bridleway associations, described as "a work of real magnitude".

"He has now translated the knowledge and wisdom contained in that work into a book that is to riders and carriage drivers what the Blue Book is to ramblers - the definitive work on rights of way.

"With typical generosity and dedication to the objectives of the society, John has taken nothing from the financial proceeds of his book, which means the access work of the BHS has benefited considerably."