SKATEBOARDING plans have been backed by town councillors at Pickering despite objections from some residents.

The council agreed to look at providing a skateboard park, possibly near the town's swimming pool, and to welcome moves to improve conditions in and around the town for cyclists.

Councillors were told that letters of objection to a skateboard park alongside the pool had been received, with neighbours saying it was a "totally inappropriate site" and that the scheme would be in conflict with planning blueprints for Pickering.

Another objector said signs should be erected in the swimming pool grounds saying "No skateboarding, rollerblading or BMX cycling allowed."

They claimed the peaceful enjoyment of the area was being spoiled already by activities of the skateboarders.

Town Mayor Councillor Betsy Hill said she supported the idea of a park.

She added that she was going on a fact-finding visit to a park in Leeds and would be looking at other sites in Pickering, although she favoured the present one near the pool.

Councillor Peter Gorrill said the council should first have talked to the neighbours because he feared that a "lynch mob" element was resulting in opposition to the skateboard park.

"We have a small number of residents who are trying to disenfranchise a lot of young people who have been asking for a skateboard park for a long time," he said.