The Ure's terrific form around Ripon continues and the latest open delivered an outstanding 17 double figured returns, writes JEFF HERBERT.

RSPS star Steve Hodson, one of the venue's best over the last decade, scooped another win taking a level 54.0.0. Fishing the big gravel bend below Hutton Beck waggler and caster resulted in 10 early chub. Then a change to floatfished bread switched the chub back on in the final hour as Steve quickly despatched another 10 into the keep net.

Kevin Moore of Leeds also left it late. Pegged opposite the Bell Banks at Sharow 30 small chub came in a whirlwind two hours to waggler caster and maggot for 48.0.0.

Other backing weights: 3 Mal Britton (Ripon) 38.5.0 4 Richard Sowerby (Knaresborough) 35.1.0. 5 John Milligan (Stockton) 34.11.0.

The Tees responded to the big turnout of 86 rods for the 2001 River Championships around Yarm with a string of super dace nets.

Local ace Ronnie Wilkinson put 14.5.0 onto the scales adding the Tees title to his tremendous record. Pegged on 136 on Fisheries Bend Ron of Newman Scotts loose fed maggot and fished the bolognese down midriver tempting dace at steady intervals backed by a sprinkling of small roach and perch.

Meanwhile Darlington Angling Centre's Dave Cooper opposite Goose Pastures on 131 netted 2 chub to far bank feeder tactics in an otherwise dace and roach net taken inside on 11 metre pole and maggot from Russ Hodgson (Cleveland Angling Centre) a mere 1oz behind in 3rd place.

Surprisingly there was a dace explosion on the Wear despite a cold and clear river during the 3rd round of the Chester le Street Winter League .

Staged between Creighton Avenue to below the weir at Lumley Castle individual winner Graham Skirrey of Turners Tackle Red enjoyed a red letter day. Pulling out peg 11, one below the stream mouth, Graham caught dace after dace up to 6ozs on waggler and maggot for an incredible 13.11.0 and also notched up his second victory of the series.

Big Waters Scott Lister fished a similar match off the Buttress on peg 30 collecting dace to the tune of 9.13.0.

Top Three Teams on the Day 1: Turners Tackle Red 39 pts 2 Dick Clegg Metro 31 3 Washington 29. League to Date: 1. Turners Tackle Red 100 pts 2 Dick Clegg Metro 95 3 AMH Angling 89 4 Washington 83.

Northallerton Angling Centre's Jim Prescott cruised to an easy finish recording 30.2.0 in Northallerton's re-arranged Non Plus Cup on the Swale at Scruton. Drawn above the wires on Bramper Corner floatfishing maggot brought 10 good chub from Cliff Robson (Appleton Wiske) 11.12.0 and Dave Bell (Leeming Bar) 11.11.0.

North Yorkshire's tiny Cod Beck came up trumps as Match Secretary Colin Weaver topped the Thirsk AC Open returning 19.3.0.

Pegged above Dalton Bridge stickfloat with caster and red maggot made for 19 chub and a single grayling from Northallerton's Ron Marshall whose mixed net of grayling and chub weighed 16.14.0 from the Griswith Farm Length.

Tadcaster APA Open River Wharfe Smaws Ings Jt 1st Tom Gausden (Anglers World) & Stuart Thompson (Armley) 10.1.0 from Vic Rooks (Glen) 8.12.8.


Woodland complex split between the five match lakes will be remembered as an absolute stunner with fish galore for the sellout field. The top five were all closely packed each bagging over 50.0.0 apiece.

Mark Harris of Trevs Wimslow put 56.6.0 onto the scales but only had the luxury of a 2oz winning margin.

Mark on Kestrel 23 took the pole out to 14 metres alternating maggot corn and chopped worm for a real mixed return highlight a common carp of 8.0.0. Alan Mendenes needed just 16 specimens up to 6.0.0 for 56.4.0 on corn and pole tactics.

Best of the rest: 3 Ray Singh (Elton Tackle) 54.6.0 4 Ken Golightly (Map Elton) 53.10.0 5 Kevin Hill (Sensas Garbolino) 52.14.0. Woodlands Pairs Event (Sunday) (84 rods) Curlew Kestrel Partridge Skylark and Wagtail Lakes 1 Andy Hampson (Hirst Tackle 50.12.0 Wagtail 9 - carp to 6.0.0 on pole & corn 13 metres 2 Paul McBrinn(Normark) 39.12.0 3 Martin Leck (Sensas Bawtry) 31.15.0. Winning Pairs: Howard Cutts & Jamie Hall (Diawa Goldthorpe) 10 pts Steve Newberry & Lance Roberts (Elton Tackle) 12 pts

Small carp made up an excellent net of 59.13.0 for Team oaks Garry Paulett during the Oaks Sessay Sunday Open on Maple Lake.

Fishing peg 62A long pole and maggot tempted lots of samples best in the 3.0.0 bracket from Tri Cast Whizzo's John Allerton who had to settle for runner up spot on 47.8.0 from peg 21.

Oaks Sessay (Thursday) Open 1 Dean Smith (VDE Goole) 48.10.0 All carp to 12 metre pole and maggot off peg 13 2 Nigel Johnson (Map Elton) 45.6.0 3 Ray Singh (Elton Tackle) 42.2.0. Carpvale Poole (Sunday) Open Moor Monkton 1 Paul Howard (Headingley AC) 48.1.0 12 carp to feeder and meat from peg 6 2 Geoff Broadley (Acomb Tackle) 32.8.0 3 Paul Fawcett (Armley) 26.12.0 Raker Open Horseshoe Lake Wheldrake 1. Geoff Sellars (Leeds Jnrs) 31.2.0 2 Steve Burdeykin (Diawa Trentmen) 21.1.0 3 Paul Kozyra (Anglers Corner) 16.3.0.


Popular Redworth's Jubilee Lakes is attracting the region's trout anglers and with a near 4 fish average and plenty of big rainbows you can see why. Stanhope's Tim Emblin again grassed the best fish of the week a beauty of 14.5.8 falling to a cats whisker from Darlington's Alf Willis who caught a specimen of 11.12.0 to olive fritz.

Main patterns: Black buzzers, bloodworm, damsels and white lures.

FIXTURES - Tomorrow: Woodland Lakes Open tel: 01845 526110.

Sunday: Anglings Times NE WL Round 5 on the Lower Tees at Yarm. Darlington BT Les Ryde Memorial Upper Swale Brompton to Ellerton. Thornaby AA Presidents Cup River Tees - Croft to Hurworth. Bradford City AA Sykes cup River Ure Brampton (60 pegs). Tickets 01423 547537. Black Ox AC Bedale Beck - Leeming. Knaresborough Pisc Open R. Nidd. Tickets on 01423 880262. Richmond AS November Trophy River Swale at Great Langton. Wetherby and District Open (60 pegs) River Wharfe. Yorkshire WL (3) River Ouse at Aldwark & Widdington. Woodland Lakes Open. Oaks Sessay Open on Maple Lake