Darlington YMCA has awarded certificates to some of its members who have been on training courses.

The presentations were for the basic health and safety certificate, first aid and computer literacy and information technology (Clait).

The majority of people who attend the YMCA foyer are residents, although some make use of extra support available by using it as a drop-in service.

The foyer provides a range of courses and provides training and support so that youngsters can gain the necessary skills and experience needed in the working world. The YMCA works closely with the Employment Service to deliver the highest level of support and training.

With the close working relationship between the Employment Service and the YMCA, combined with the young people's determination, seven people have successfully completed their courses - Michael Wanless, Paul Burke, Philip Hall, Anne-Marie Mitchinson, Julie Brooker, Monica Curran and Victoria Akers.

Anne Bateman, who works at Darlington YMCA said: "Each course has an advisor working closely with YMCA and the New Deal proposals keeping the youngsters informed on the latest vacancies and training opportunities.

The YMCA foyer provides practical support and helps young people acquire the appropriate qualifications in a caring atmosphere.

"Under the YMCA roof there are qualified trainers and staff who are familiar with a variety of issues relevant to such schemes, such as homelessness, substance abuse and debt management."