A ROTTING deer carcass dumped in a back yard has been making life unpleasant for residents of a Chilton street for two days.

Colin Tobin, of Dale Street, says he notified Sedgefield Borough Council about the presence of the carcass on Monday lunchtime, but by last night it had still not been removed.

The remains have been dropped in the yard of the unoccupied house next door to Mr Tobin.

He said: "I noticed it on Monday when the binmen came, and I'm sure it is the carcass of a deer which has been cut up.

"Someone from the council did come out on Monday night and took two hooves away, but he said it was too dark and too smelly to do anything else."

He said: "It is absolutely stinking, because it has started decomposing. I am totally disgusted about it.

"To think that it is been reported and it is still there, especially when my other next door neighbour's got her grandchildren stopping and there are children playing in the street."

A police spokesman said the property had been boarded up for several months and it was thought the carcass was thrown into the yard by somebody passing through.

He said there was little the police could do other than notify the council and the owner, believed to be a Newcastle property management company. No one at the council was available for comment last night.