JUGGLING snowmen and a racing Rudolph are some of the Christmas creations made by retired electrician Russell Leggott.

Byerley Road has become a big attraction in Shildon, County Durham, where one home has been transformed with fairy lights and hand-made animated illuminations, made by Mr Leggott.

He lives at the home with his brother, and sister-in-law Evelyn.

Evelyn said: "We're all pensioners living in this home, but we're like a set of kids really. We didn't put the lights up last year, because I was in Germany for the birth of my second granddaughter.

"We considered not putting them up this year either, but we were asked by many people when they were going up. The mother of a little girl living opposite said, 'I'm, glad you're putting them up again because my life wasn't worth living when they weren't there last year'."