Brave schoolboy Andrew Jobling was told by doctors he would never talk or walk again after a horrific car crash.

But the battling ten-year-old has defied the odds and is back on his feet just three months after being left for dead when he was hit by a car.

Andrew lost an eye, suffered multiple skull fractures, broke his neck and right leg when he was knocked down as he played football with friends near his home.

His parents, Andrew and Clare, were told to expect the worst but they never gave up hope as they kept a round-the-clock bedside vigil.

Their prayers were answered when the youngster finally began to respond to treatment after four weeks in a coma in intensive care.

Mr Jobling, 25, said: "Doctors said he would never be able to walk or talk again, but he has defied them all and he is now doing both.

"It is a miracle. He is such a brave, brave boy. We are so proud of him."

Andrew was hit by a Fiat Panda car near his home in Gateshead, Tyneside, on September 28.

On October 4, surgeons began a difficult operation to rebuild his skull.

Complications meant he was taken back into theatre the same day and the following morning excess fluid had to be drained from his brain.

He was placed on a ventilator in intensive care where he remained for four weeks.

Now, just 12 weeks later, he can talk, walk and was able to leave his bed at Newcastle General Hospital to go home for Christmas, much to the delight of his parents, brothers and sisters, David, six, Peter, four and three-year-old twins Chloe and Sophie.

Andrew said: "I have done all the things the doctors said I wouldn't be able to do. Everyone is proud of me."