THERE are new hopes of improvements being carried out to the A64 York to Scarborough road which carries heavy holiday and commercial traffic between the Yorkshire Coast and West Yorkshire.

A route management strategy is being drawn up by the Highways Agency and a series of public exhibitions are to be held at 11 villages along the 60-mile route in January and February, said the agency's project manager, David Phillips.

A leaflet and questionnaire is being sent to all households on the A64, seeking their views.

There have been campaigns for several years to persuade successive governments to make the entire stretch of the road a dual carriageway, but to no avail, on the grounds of cost and damage to the environment.

A Scarborough Borough Council tourism department spokesman said "Improvements to the A64 would end hours of misery for thousands of motoring tourists to Scarborough, Whitby, Filey and Bridlington who have to suffer long waits in traffic queues because of the congestion, especially in peak season."