AN empty shop could soon be given a new lease of life as an out-of-school club despite objections from residents.

The club, in Glenfield Road, Stockton, will open from 7.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, and will take registered children between the ages of three and 12.

The children will either be walked to the club by a member of staff or dropped off by parents after 7.30am.

Once at the club, the children will be walked to school or nursery by a member of staff and collected at the end of the day.

However, 24 letters of objection have been received by Stockton Borough Council about the scheme.

Many residents are concerned about the anti-social behaviour that goes on in the area including children throwing eggs and mud at their windows, verbal abuse and the number of youths hanging around causing a nuisance.

They believe the problems will be made worse with the club.

They are also concerned that there are already major car parking and congestion problems in the area from two primary schools and feel this development would add to it.

A report to the council's planning committee, which meets on Friday, said: "It is considered the out of school club will have less impact on the amenities of local residents and on traffic congestion and parking than if the shop reopened.

"Given that the children will be supervised whilst at the club and will be picked up by parents, it is considered unlikely the premises will result in increased anti-social activities in the area. They are more likely to introduce some control and influence over anti-social behaviour."