A BURGLAR alarm firm faces losing its credit licence after complaints to trading standards.

Catch Monitored Security, in Middlesbrough and Thornaby, has been notified by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) that it will lose its licence to offer credit to customers.

Police forces in the North-East have warned the public about the firm in the past, saying it applied high pressure sales tactics, and increased the fear of crime among those it "cold-called", in an effort to get people to buy its alarm systems.

A file from Stockton Trading Standards was passed to OFT, a Government department, last year.

An OFT spokesman said that Catch had the opportunity to appeal before the department made its final decision on the credit licence.

Last year, Stockton South MP Dari Taylor called for an investigation after claims that Catch sold a £2,625 burglar alarm system to a brain-damaged man.

There was no response from any of Catch's listed telephone numbers last night.