THE start of 2002 has been a record-breaking one for public sector jobs website,

The site saw a massive increase in user traffic amounting to 600,000 page views in January, the largest number recorded since it was launched in November, 2000, by Middlesbrough-based communications business Pearsons.

The company, which has a strong presence in the public sector recruitment market place in the North, strongly believes the way forward is to provide quality online recruitment services that support clients needs.

The result has been phenomenal, with four million page impressions in the first year of trading, well above the targets and expectations of the company when it launched the site.

On average 1,000 jobs are carried on the website each week covering vacancies within Local Government, Education, Health/NHS, Police, Fire and Ambulance.

Simon Pearson, managing director of Pearsons, said: "Despite the fact that is operating in a difficult market place, the latest casualties being My Oyster and Stepstone, we are pleased that the site is generating a good response and providing clients with quality candidates."

Currently the site contains everything from detailed job specifications and online application forms for direct contact with potential applicants, to multi-faceted html pages allowing for brochures to be placed online for easy access.

Lilian Hughes, head of e-communications at Pearsons, added: "From the outset our aim has been to provide a quality service that attracts the best candidates and ensures that they have 'easy to use' access to the jobs on offer.

"We are continually developing the site to assist employers in the recruitment process.

"These developments have include targeted banner advertising as well as sophisticated reports packages to provide clients with a detailed break-down of vacancies appearing on the site.

"We see as a vital element in the public sector recruitment process."