POLICE have released an e-fit picture of a man who exposed himself after a woman refused to kiss him.

The man, thought to be about 20 years old, approached the woman in a lane at the rear of the Pizza Hut restaurant, in Darlington town centre.

After making a suggestive comment, urging the woman to give him a kiss, he moved towards her but she pulled away.

The man then exposed himself, before walking off in the direction of the Dolphin Centre.

He is described as 5ft 9in, with short, dark hair, a round face and ruddy complexion.

He wore a blue, waist-length jacket, dark trousers, spoke with a local accent and carried a black rucksack.

The incident happened at 5.05pm last Wednesday.

Anyone with information is usked to contact Darlington police, on (01325) 467681