VILLAGERS' protests over the noise that would come from an RAF training base changing its flight paths look set to fall on deaf ears.

Top brass at RAF Linton-on-Ouse are finding it impossible to keep all residents happy, as they attempt to minimise the noise suffered by nearby communities.

Now, a pressure group formed by fed-up residents of Alne, near Easingwold, Aldwark and Thorpe Underwood is expected to succeed with its calls for aircraft circuits to be changed - much to the annoyance of people from other villages who would suffer as a result.

People living in Newton-on-Ouse, Linton-on-Ouse and Tollerton are urging the RAF to maintain the present arrangements.

Residents affected by the noise say the situation has worsened since the propeller-driven Tucano replaced Jet Provosts as the RAF's main training aircraft in 1995.

Linton became the RAF's flying training school in the same year.

Although the RAF has no obligation to consult over planned changes to flight paths, it says it is keen to find a compromise which is acceptable to everyone involved.

Both Harrogate Borough Council and Hambleton District Council are throwing their weight behind proposals for the routes to change.

Hambleton council's head of environmental health, Eric Kendall, said: "The change in the type of aircraft meant that the noise generated was not as great, but the Tucano generates a particularly annoying droning noise from the propeller, which is very noticeable.

"Noise is an inevitable consequence of flying activities and, as can be expected, most people would prefer not to be subjected to it at all.

"However, in the case of the RAF where there are no legislative controls, it is left to the latter to try and minimise noise or distribute it more equitably.

"No matter what circuits are flown, some residents will object and as a result a considered objective approach by the council should be taken."