DRUG-making equipment was found on the ground floor of a blazing terraced house.

Crews went into the inferno, in Talbot Street, Middlesbrough, which was so intense the plaster on the walls melted in the heat, a ceiling collapsed and flames shot a metre out into the street.

Despite reports of a scream, firefighters could find no trace of anyone inside, said Station Officer Ron Carr.

"It was potentially a very nasty fire. When we turned into the street the flames were licking one metre across the street from a first floor window. There had been a rapid build up. It had taken the plaster off the walls and a ceiling had dropped down, and it was into the roof space."

He said: "Any fire which gets into the roof space is always awkward."

The house was unoccupied, but crews found evidence of drug-making equipment on the ground floor.

Smoke from the fire, on Monday night, seeped into the house next door and a car parked outside was damaged as glass from an exploding window and other debris from the blaze rained down on it.