Barclays has drawn up the first money map of Britain, revealing the most popular colloquialisms for money in the UK.

The Fluent in Finance report has been prompted by reactions to the latest television commercial for the bank featuring Hollywood star Samuel L Jackson, following a pig to market.

The advert explores the ways in which people talk about money, cataloguing the vocabulary which has grown up around money over the past 300 years to the latest terms used today on the streets and in the financial markets of the world.

Barclays has drawn up a list of the top ten, as well as other emerging financial sayings, after surveying more than 1,000 people across the UK.

In the North-East, the term "Bread" is used by almost a quarter (23 per cent) of the population when talking about money, while 19 per cent of people in Yorkshire also use the terminology.

In London, the term "Wonga" is much more prevalent, with only six per cent using the term "Bread".

Caitlin Thomas, Barclays brand strategy director, said: "Money is one of the most prolific and productive sources of vocabulary.

"This Fluent in Finance report really goes to show that there is a huge amount of jargon out there."

The survey found the term Dosh, a combination of dollar and cash, was the nation's favourite term for money.

BLOB The Top ten money terms in the UK according to the Barclays report are: Dosh, Dough, Readies, Brass, Bread, Wad, Lolly, Wedge, Wonga and Moolah.