THE fiancee of Big Brother's Jonny Regan has said she is unconcerned about the firefighter's flirting.

Girlfriend Joanne Llewellyn, 30, is engaged to the joker entertaining the nation in the Channel 4 reality TV show.

Jonny, 29, from Trimdon Grange, County Durham, has also been at the centre of bust-ups with other house mates after revealing he urinated in the shower.

Joanne, from Hartlepool, who works as a chartered accountant for Vantis Walker, in Middlesbrough, says she is unconcerned about his flirting with the more attractive women in the house, adding: "I completely trust him".

Joanne, who lives with her family, said he had applied without success last year to be on the show, and thought he had been passed over again - but was delighted when producers invited him to London for an audition.

She could not even tell her parents - who only found out on the Thursday night before the first broadcast on Friday.

"I think the first week, he was on a real high," she said.

"The relief of him being in the house meant he was really excited, but since then he seems to have calmed down and now you are beginning to see the real Jonny."

She now hopes that Jonny, a member of the blue watch at Peterlee fire station for 11 years, can keep his sanity to scoop the £70,000 first prize.

The couple plan to marry shortly, but are first moving in together after he leaves the Big Brother house.

Meanwhile, Alison, the second contestant to be evicted, said: "'He (Jonny) is going to win Big Brother. He's funny, he's hilarious, he's great and fantastic. His girlfriend is so, so lucky."

* A spokesman for Big Brother last night explained that the frequent loss of sound for "legal reasons" was in fact to cover up the contestants' swearing and slanderous comments - which could land the show in court.