A MOTHER has thanked the school which she says has transformed her twin sons' lives.

Jacqueline Dobson, of McMullen Road, Darlington, says she is delighted at the progress that her sons, Adam and Benjamin, have made at the town's North Road Primary School.

The boys, both 11, started at the school when they were five.

Neither Adam or Benjamin could speak properly and were bullied because of their inability to mix with other children.

But once at the North Road school they were given regular tuition at its learning resource base, which specialises in helping children with a range of difficulties.

Mrs Dobson said: "The boys couldn't talk properly or let people know what they wanted, or what they were thinking. It was very frustrating for them and they were bullied because they didn't fit in.

"But now they are like two ordinary boys. They play out with their friends and just live normal lives. I cannot thank the school enough for everything they have done. They have been so wonderful to the boys."

Both Adam and Benjamin are preparing to go to Longfield Comprehensive School in September.