JONNY "Joker" Regan always wanted to be a star.

From the age of seven, the 29-year-old, of Trimdon Grange, County Durham, would be the centre of attention at parties, entertaining the family with his singing voice.

It was a talent he developed from his dad John, a joiner, who was a singer in a charity band called The Trimondales until a couple of years ago.

Jonny's musical abilities which showed through in childhood transferred into adult life when he set up his own band, Reagan, with his younger brother David.

The group achieved a strong following through touring the region's clubs and on one occasion performed for the Prime Minister Tony Blair, who offered some friendly advice to the brothers.

Looking through the family photo album at the home Jonny shares with his parents, his mother Margaret, said the little boy in the photographs had not changed a bit.

She said: "When he was little he was always a joker. He hasn't changed at all. He is always playing tricks on the lads at work and he is a very genuine, caring person.

"He is loud and always dashing around everywhere. The house is quiet without him. I don't think Jonathan went on the show to become famous, he went in there to make 12 friends and to have the Big Brother experience.

"Whatever happens, the good and the bad, Jonathan will come out of it and say he has enjoyed himself."