The North-East's newest film company held it's world premiere at Newcastle's Opera House last night for a movie, which cost just £1,500 to make.

Making Tea For The Mob is a 12-minute short by FNA Films, the region's latest film-making collective, which operates on the basis of "if you've got a decent script idea and some money, we'll help you make a movie".

Publicist Nick Kirikal (corr) of AMB Media of Gateshead explained: "We were able to produce Making Tea For The Mob because everyone involved gave their time for nothing. We are a grass-roots operation and we want to become big enough to meet the criteria of qualifying for Northern Arts funding, because we don't at the minute."

Seasoned North-East actors like Sunderland's Neil Armstrong agreed to make the film for free to support the idea of the area having its own mini film industry.

It was written and directed by James DeMarco (corr), who moved to Tyneside from Los Angeles. He founded FNA with Zahra Zomorrodian (corr) at Woodbine Street, Gateshead, with help from cameraman Tom Saunders and film producer Richard Reay and other top regional professionals.

The collective are planning four short films at first. The first, Roulette, was made by Mr Reay. The third, A Blank Slate, starts shooting across the region on Monday for a week and another, called The Deal, will help launch this bargain basement business.

FNA is building a network of budding film-makers who aim to be ready if Newcastle and Gateshead's City of Culture bid provides movie sponsorship.

At the moment backing comes in the form of Newcastle's Gregg's Bakers supplying pasties and sausage rolls for the crew.