THE Guisborough Motor Club held the fifth and final round of their club trials championship on Saturday at Skelder Farm, Commondale, where a terrific entry of 107 turned out.

After four laps of a ten-section course, Jonathan Frost (Gas Gas) took the win on most cleans from Darren Johnson (Montesa), both finishing on a score of three.

Results. - Expert: 1 Jonathan Frost (Gas Gas) 3MC. 1st class award: 1 Darren Johnson (Montesa) 3. Intermediates: 1 Mark Franklin (Bultaco) 11. Clubmen A: 1 Terry Raw (Scorpa) 13. 1st class award: 1 Dave Wilkinson (Beta) 19. Clubmen B: 1 John Bullen (Montesa) 1. 1st class awards: 1 Colin Bailey (Triumph) 2; 2 Andy Metcalfe (Scorpa) 3MC; 3 Colin Cunningham (Fantic) 3MC; 4 Neil Selley (Beta) 3; 5 John Pattinson (Royal Enfield) 5. Youth A: 1 Jamie Cameron (Scorpa) 16. Youth B: 1 John Banks (Beta) 14. Youth B easy course: 1 Mark Eston (Beta) 13. Youth C: 1 Andrew Chiltern (Beta) 4.

Sunday dawned and the Guisborough club were in action again at the same venue, this time with an entry of 66 for a centre clubmen's trial.

After four laps of the ten-section course, Mark Summer (Beta) took the outright win having lost no marks at all.

Results. - Winner: 1 Mark Summer (Beta) 0. 1st class award: 1 Mick Kendra (Gas Gas) 1FC. Clubmen B: 1 Neil Selley (Beta) 2. 1st class awards: 1 Dominic Coleman (Montesa) 3; 2 Jim Austermuhle (Beta) 7; 3 Dave Chiltern (Beta) 8. Youth A: 1 Richard Kendra (Bultaco) 1. Youth B: 1 Deryk Jones (Gas Gas) 1. Youth C: 1 Andrew Chiltern (Beta) 13. Youth D: 1 Jack Howell (Yamaha) 3.

Up in Weststonesdale, on the Keld to Tanhill road, the Richmond Motor Club had their annual Yorkshire Centre Noel Peacock Memorial Trophy Trial, which this year attracted a good solid entry of 97.

After three tough laps of 15 sections, Graham Tales (Montesa) took the trophy with a score of 26 marks, four clear of best intermediate Paul Sadler on a Sherco, with third place going to Eddie Aitken (Sherco) a further three marks down.

Results. - Experts: 1 Graham Tales (Montesa) 26; 2 Eddie Aitken (Sherco) 33; 3 Adrian Humphrey (Gas Gas) 36. Intermediates: 1 Paul Sadler (Sherco) 30; 2 Andrew Tales (Gas Gas) 45; 3 Andrew Lishman (Montesa) 60. Novices: 1 Chris Tennant (Scorpa) 62; 2 Nathan Stones (Gas Gas) 65; 3 Ben Naylor (Bultaco) 74. Clubmen: 1 Tony Wild (Yamaha) 16; 2 Graham Abbey (Sherco) 17; 3 Keith Fawcett (Gas Gas) 24; 4 Gary Moorhouse (Gas Gas) 25; 5 Ray Sharp (Bultaco) 25; 6 Andrew Keel (Gas Gas) 25.

Sunday also saw the North East Centre Junior Trial take place at Doddington, near Wooler, Northumberland, where 67 riders competed over a fairly easy four-lap, ten-section course.

Michael Lee on his MRS Sherco took the junior trophy without loss of marks.

Results. - Novices: 1 Junior trophy, Mike Lee MRS Sherco 0; 2 Craig Scott (Sherco) 9; 3 Paul Stewart (Beta) 13. Club team awards: 1 South Shields 79; 2 Consett A 114; Seaton Delaval 121. Experts: 1 Colin Ward (Sherco) 0; 2 Ian Stephen (Montesa) 7; 3 Ian Rutter (Gas Gas) 8. B-class: 1 Jamie Stephenson (Gas Gas) 16; 2 James Grieves (Beta) 18; 3 Lewis Peart (Beta) 38. C class: 1 Dale Robson (Gas Gas) 48. Easy course, pre-65: 1 John Palmer (Cotton) 2 ; 2 Colin Barrie (BSA) 6; 3 Steve Maxwell (BSA) 8. Novices: 1 Geoff Young (Yamaha) 11; 2 Paul Hanley (Sherco) 18; 3 Mike Little (Montesa) 21.

The fourth round of the British Ladies Trials Championship was held at Rock Field, Monmouth, Wales on Sunday.

With just one more round to go in this national championship, a trio of local riders are right up there with the leaders.

On Sunday, Katie Sunter (Gas Gas) finished fourth in the adult ladies class, while Becca Rennison (Beta) came third in the B-class championship with Kathryn Wardle (Gas Gas) fourth.

Kathryn Wardle is leading the B-class championship with Becca Rennison in second place, while Katie Sunter is firmly in fourth place in the adult ladies class.

The Wetherby Motor Club's annual national Wainwright Shield trial took place on June 23 at Raydale Farm, Marsett, Bainbridge with an entry of 197 competitors.

On the hard course, Dan Thorpe (Gas Gas) took the win on a score of just four marks, nine clear of Martin Crosswaite (Scorpa) with Sam Ludgate a further three marks down.

On the clubmen's route, Nick Shield (Sherco) finished just one mark clear of Mark Barrow (Gas Gas) with Ian Myers (Sherco) in third place.

Results. - Hard course, 1st class awards: Iain Austermuhle, John Shirt, Liam Walker, Chris Pearson, Mark Sunter, Aran Drachenberg. 2nd class awards: Harry Lampkin, Henry Moorhouse, Edward Mcintosh, John Crinson. Clubmen: 1st class awards: Ray Sharp, Wayne Duke, Dave Thorpe, G Moore, Toby Eyre, Andres Cook, Scott Rowland, William Wood, Stephen Bisby, Ray Crinson, Ian Hague, Gary Moorhouse, John Roseworth.

Young Michael Phillipson from Willington had a good ride in the French round of the World Trials Championship at Ancelle, picking up two points in the championship