Durham and District League

Murton looked to be racing away with the Third Division title when they visited Chilton with only one defeat in the first half of the season. However Chilton pulled out all the stops and recorded a six points victory in an 85 shots to 77 win.

Rink scores (Chilton names first): J. Jones 21 J. Winlow 20; W. Henderson 25 R. Spindler 19; W. Blyth 29 N. Jubb 11; M. Younghusband 10 T.W. Toss 27.

This result leaves Murton eight points clear of Chilton, who moved into second place, two points ahead of Willington Spectrum.

In the Second Division Wheatley Hill moved back into contention after their good win at King George V. The Hill won by 90 shots to 64.

Rink scores (King George V names first): L. Ferguson 19 J. Barrasford 22; C. Ford 6 K. Kendall 28; A.E. Coulson 17 C. Bullock 25; G. Wilkinson 22 A. Daley 15.

Langley Park lead the Second Division by ten points from Witton Gilbert, who jumped up to second place, two points ahead of Sherburn Village.

Leeholme raced into an 11 points lead at the top of the First Division after they beat the visiting Ever Ready/Craghead by six points and the second placed, Crook Glenholme and third placed Shotton both lost. Leeholme won convincingly by 98 shots to 60.

Rink scores (Leeholme names first): K. Stamp 18 P. Calvert 24; S. Williams 26 M. English 14; B. Attwood 32 G. Williams 11; D. Barron 22 A. Brown 11.

Results - Division One: Coxhoe 6 Shotton 4; Nevilles Cross 4 Wingate 6; Crook Glenholme 4 Pelton Fell 6; Leeholme 8 Ever Ready/Craghead 2; Bowburn 8 Mainsforth 2.

Division Two: King George V 2 Wheatley Hill 8; Witton Gilbert 10 Trimdon 0; Vane Tempest 2 Langley Park 8; Sherburn Village 6 Addison Park 4; Stockton 4 Brandon 6.

Division Three: Dean & Chapter 8 Wolsingham 2; Cockton Hill 8 Newton Hall 2; Chilton 8 Murton 2; Willington Spectrum 6 Fishburn WMC 4; Belmont 4 Kelloe 6.

Tomorrow's matches - Division One: Ever Ready/Craghead v Bowburn; Pelton Fell v Leeholme; Wingate v Crook Glenholme; Shotton v Nevilles Cross; Mainsforth v Coxhoe.

Division Two: Addison Park v Stockton; Langley Park v Sherburn Village; Trimdon v Vane Tempest; Wheatley Hill v Witton Gilbert; Brandon v King George V.

Division Three: Fishburn WMC v Belmont; Murton v Willington Spectrum; Newton Hall v Chilton; Wolsingham v Cockton Hill; Kelloe v Dean & Chapter.

South West Durham League

Spennymoor A consolidated top place when chasers Glenholme lost for the second week in a row. Cockton Hill are showing good form and gained their sixth consecutive victory when they faced Addison Park. The only defeat for Cockton Hill came in the opening game when they lost heavily to Spennymoor A. Langley Park gained maximum points in division two and remain second though well adrift of Shildon Town A. Fishburn won for the third game in succession and have moved up to third.

Results - Division One: Cockton Hill 8 Addison Park 2; Leeholme 8 Spennymoor Jubilee 2; Shildon Railway 8 Glenholme 2; Spectrum 4 Mainsforth 6; Spennymoor A 8 Brandon 2.

Division Two: Bishop Auckland 6 Spennymoor Town 4; Kelloe 4 Wolsingham 6; Langley Park 10 Cockton Hill B 0; Shildon Town B 3 v Fishburn 7; Cockfield v Shildon Town A no result.

Fixtures - Division One: Spennymoor A v Cockton Hill; Addison Park v Leeholme; Brandon v Mainsforth; Shildon Railway v Spectrum; Glenholme v Spennymoor Jubilee.

Division Two: Shildon Town B v Bishop Auckland; Kelloe v Cockfield; Fishburn v Langley Park; Cockton Hill B v Shildon Town A; Wolsingham v Spennymoor Town.

Hospital Cup

Preliminary round results of this competition sponsored by Topline Trophies, with all entry fees going to Durham County Hospital: J. Moore & partners (Belmont) v R. Jones & partners (Wingate) delayed; R. Seymour & partners (Langley Park) lost to K. Yarnell & partners (Newton Hall); A. Knight & partners (Wingate) lost to W. Hughes & partners (Wingate); B. Attwodd & partners (Leeholme) beat E. Cornell & partners (Langley Park); M. English & partners (E.R.C.) beat T. W. Todd & partners (Murton); P. Conner & partners (Trimdon) beat R. Curry & partners (Brandon); R. Bell & partners (Addison Park) lost to F. Tulip & partners (Langley Park); H. Mercer & partners (Trimdon) lost to M. Fenwick & partners (Addison Park); J. Kelly & partners (Wingate) beat L. Leathers & partners (Sherburn); I. Hudson & partners (Nevilles Cross) beat J. Taylor & partners (Leeholme); J. Sedgewick & partners (Langley Park) lost to W. Kirk & partners (E. R. C.); J. Webster & partners (Sherburn) beat G. Longbottom & partners (Fishburn).

First round draw: B. Attwodd & partners (Leeholme) v W. Kirk & partners (E. R. C.); W. Hughes & partners (Wingate) v H. Teasdale & partners (Wingate); J. Webster & partners (Sherburn) v J. Kelly & partners (Wingate); A. Brown & partners (E.R.C.) v K. Yarnell & partners (Newton Hall); E. Charlton & partners (Brandon) v F. Tulip & partners (Langley Park); M. Fenwick & partners (Addison Park) v P. Conner & partners (Trimdon); J. Moore & partners (Belmont) or R. Jones & partners (Wingate) v M. English & partners (E.R.C.); I. Hudson & partners (Nevilles Cross) v A. Bainbridge & partners (Glenholme). Matches to be played on or before 18 July.

Durham League Mixed Pairs Championship

Marshall Yates Trophy First Round results: W. Miller & E. Charlton (Brandon) beat T. Gibson & partner (Vane Tempest); J. Lonsdale & B. Lonsdale (Pelton Fell) beat C. Jones & W. Maddison (Mainsforth); W. Kirk & M. Kirk (E.R.C.) beat D. Jones & S. Jones (Mainsforth); M.T. Newton & V. J. Newton (Kelloe) beat H. Mercer & F. Lowes (Trimdon); R. Rose & J. Rose (Pelton Fell) beat W. Lattimer & A. Lattimer (Wingate); J. Webster & A. Charlton (Sherburn) lost to R. Forster & partner (Sherburn).

Quarter final draw: R. Forster & partner (Sherburn) v M.T. Newton & V. J. Newton (Kelloe); F. Tulip & J. Rutter (Langley Park) v W. Kirk & M. Kirk (E.R.C.); R. Rose & J. Rose (Pelton Fell) v W. Miller & E. Charlton (Brandon); J. Lonsdale & B. Lonsdale (Pelton Fell) v A.E. Coulson & partner (King George V). Matches to be played on or before 30 July.

Durham League Rinks Championship

Preliminary round result: A. Knight & partners (Wingate) beat W. Kirk & partners (E.R.C.).

First round draw: K. Stamp & partners (Leeholme) v M English & partners (E.R.C.); A. Bainbridge & partners (Crook Glenholme) v B. Attwood & partners (Leeholme); T.W. Todd & partners (Murton) v R. Curry & partners (Brandon); J. Sedgewick & partners (Langley Park) v J. Kelly & partners (Wingate); R. Jones & partners (Wingate) v R. Rose & partners (Pelton Fell); A. Knight & partners (Wingate) v D. McDonald & partners (Crook Glenholme); S.R. Smith & partners (Newton Hall) v T. Leathers & partners (Sherburn); F. Tulip & partners (Langley Park) v J. Moore & partnersrtner (Trimdon) v A. Dunn & partner (Crook Glenholme); P. Calvert & partner (E.R.C.) v W. Latimer & partner (Wingate); J.G. Owens & partner (Trimdon) v V. Simpson & partner (Sherburn); H. Mercer & partner (Trimdon) v T. Talbot & partner (E.R.C.); M. English & partner (E.R.C.) v J. Bannister & partner (Murton); A. Knight & partner (Wingate) v D. McDonald & partner (Crook Glenholme); R. Seymour & partner (Langley Park) or T. Cowley & partner (Sherburn) v T. Dougherty & partner (Addison Park) v T.W. Todd & partner (Murton); J. Moore & partner (Belmont) v D. Jones & partner (Mainsforth).

Tom McNamara Triples Championship

Preliminary round results: H. Teasdale & partners (Wingate) lost to J. Chatterton & partners (Crook Glenholme); R. Jones & partners (Wingate) lost to T.W. Todd & partners (Murton); T. Leathers & partners (Sherburn) beat J. Webster & partners (Sherburn); I. Hudson & partners (Nevilles Cross) beat J. Moore & partners (Belmont); T. Gibson & partners (Vane Tempest) beat G. Williams & partners (E.R.C.); M. English & partners (E.R.C.) beat D. Boucher & partners (Addison Park); W. Kirk & partners (E.R.C.) lost to P. Calvert & partners (E.R.C.); R. Rose & partners (Pelton Fell) lost to G. Alderson & partners (Bowburn); R. Seymour & partners (Langley Park) lost to A. Knight & partners (Wingate); L. Padfield & partners (Crook Glenholme) lost to R. Curry & partners (Brandon); W. Hughes & partners (Wingate) lost to A. Dunn & partners (Crook Glenholme); J. Kelly & partners (Wingate) beat K. Yarnell & partners (Newton Hall).

First round draw, to be played by July 18: P. Calvert & partners (E.R.C.) v K. Stamp & partners (Leeholme); A. Dunn & partners (Crook Glenholme) v John Taylor & partners (Leeholme); J. Chatterton & partners (Crook Glenholme) v G. Alderson & partners (Bowburn); T. Leathers & partners (Sherburn) v J. Layfield & partners (Vane Tempest); M. English & partners (E.R.C.) v I. Hudson & partners (Nevilles Cross); T. Gibson & partners (Vane Tempest) v R. Curry & partners (Brandon); J. Kelly & partners (Wingate) v T.W. Todd & partners (Murton); J. Sedgewick & partners (Langley Park) v A. Knight & partners (Wingate).

Durham League Singles Championship

Preliminary round results: Ja. Taylor (Leeholme) beat P. Calvert (E.R.C.); D. Ainley (Cockton Hill) beat T. W. Todd (Murton); T. Turnbull (Cockton Hill) lost to G. Alderson (Bowburn); G. Williams (E.R.C.) beat B. Taylor (Fishburn); R. Ledger (E.R.C.) lost to I. McDougall (Cockton Hill); B. Bell (Murton) lost to C. Jefferson (Leeholme); R. Spindler (Murton) lost to A. Brown (E.R.C.); J. Vickery (Newton Hall) beat D. Jones (Mainsforth); S. Hammond (Cockton Hill) beat D. Boucher (Addison Park); J. Moore (Belmont) v M. English (E.R.C.) delayed; J. Layfield (Vane Tempest) v M. Fenwick (Addison Park); I. Milburn (Belmont) lost to J. Thompson (Addison Park); W. Kirk (E.R.C.) beat K. Yarnell (Newton Hall).

First round draw: I. McDougall (Cockton Hill) v A. Brown (E.R.C.); J. Layfield (Vane Tempest) v A.E. Coulson (King George V); J. Moore (Belmont) v S. Hammond (Cockton Hill); W. Kirk (E.R.C.) v C. Jefferson (Leeholme); Ja. Taylor (Leeholme) v G. Williams (E.R.C.); J. Thompson (Addison Park) v A. Waggott (Addison Park); G. Alderson (Bowburn) v D. Ainley (Cockton Hill); J. Vickery (Newton Hall) v A. Knight (Wingate) Matches to be completed by 18 July.