Aycliffe Village Youth Club is looking for a new leader following the resignation of Debbie Weir.

The club, which meets in the village hall, ran successfully for six months until Mrs Weir stepped down.

Councillor Bill Blenkinsopp said: "We're trying to reopen it as soon as possible, but youth workers are in short supply at the moment.

"We have got youth involved in the village hall, because we have got groups like the Cubs and the Beavers. But the youth club was going very well and it's a shame it has had to close."

A spokesman for Durham County Council said: "The youth worker at Aycliffe Village decided to move on.

"Arrangements are being made for the full-time Education in the Community worker, who is based at Newton Aycliffe Youth Centre, to go and visit representatives of the village hall management committee to discuss the situation and consider a replacement."