A RESIDENT of Stockton held a one-man protest yesterday claiming the council is riding roughshod over the wishes of people in the town.

Chris Bailes staged the protest at the junction of Prince Regent Street and Bishopton Lane in the town where contractors began work on Wednesday to build a car showroom.

He says that none of the residents nearby had been notified about the work and the first they knew of it was when workers arrived at the site.

Mr Bailes said: "Nobody knew anything about this until the contractors arrived. The council have said we were informed a few years ago, but how many people remember that?

"The people of Stockton are being treated with utter contempt by the council which is riding roughshod over their wishes. This is the last green land between Stockton and Norton Green and look what is happening."

A council spokesman said: "It was a small area of council- owned land partly used as a car park and a grass verge.

"It was given planning permission last November for the sale of motor cars.

"Two applications were granted. One for temporary building and one for a permanent car showroom.

"Publicity was given to the application, immediate neighbours were notified, there was a site notice and adverts in the local papers.

"Only one objection was received, which was from the United Reformed Church which was concerned about traffic generating, parking and the security fencing may look unsightly."