CHILDREN'S Laureate Anne Fine will help a school open a new chapter in learning next week when she spends a day on site to open its library.

The best-selling children's author will speak to students and sign books during her visit to Moorside Community School in Consett on Wednesday, July 10.

The occasion will mark the successful conclusion of a remarkable transition, which has seen the school's library resource develop from some books on a few shelves in its English department to a dedicated library recourse with more than 2,500 volumes.

Library manager Estelle Spring said: "Although it is relatively small, our new library offers books for learning and leisure and is already a bit hit with students.

"In looking for someone to officially open it we wanted someone with whom the students could associate and, ideally, a children's author.

"We could not have found a better guest than Anne Fine who, in addition to being a famous best-sellng author, now also lives within the county."

To commemorate the day, and the Queen's Jubilee Year, students at the school will be presented with a signed copy of an Anne Fine book.