Tow Law New Market B moved up to share the top spot with Tow Law Rose and Crown after they won the decider on their visit to Tow Law Dan's Castle B.

The visitors got away to a goods start and went two up through Gavin Tennant and Michael bell. However the ladies team drew level after Alison Hopps and Heather Laing won. In the decider the Market's Robert Hopps beat Sylvia Goodall.

Hamilton Row Black Horse led the table at the start of their match with the visiting Tow Law Cattle Mart but were quickly four down when Alan Ogilvie, Stephen Maughan, Marc Williams and Wayne Tennant won for the Mart. The Horse managed to save the whitewash when Steve Wilkie beat Malcolm Boughey in the decider.

Results: Lanchester King's Head 3 Tow Law Rose and Crown 2; Tow Law F.C. 2 Tow Law Dan's Castle A 3; Tow Law New Market A 2 Sunniside Comedian 3; Tow Law North Point 3 Esh F.C. 2; Hamilton Row Black Horse 1 Tow Law Cattle Mart 4; Tow Law Dan's Castle B 2 Tow Law New Market B 3