COMPUTER NEEDS: A com-puter fair is being held from 10am to 3pm on Saturday, in the Northumbria Centre, in District 1.

FOLK NIGHT: Withy Creek is entertaining the Davy Lamp Folk Club on Saturday, November 16, in the Biddick Arts Centre.

FINDING STAFF: Employers can find new staff by contacting the Job Linkage Service on 0191-419 1085.

HALL INFORMATION: The Springwell Village now has its winter newsletter with information on courses, events and groups available. Copies can be obtained from Marion on 0191-417 9020.

SILENCE PLEASE: An enter-tainments licence has been granted to the Honest Boy in Blackfell, subject to condit-ions on the level of noise.

POLICE SUCCESS: Operation Judgement, a one month initiative against burglary launched by Northumbria Police, has resulted in a 25 per cent fall in house burglaries in the Washington area. For advice on crime prevention, call 0191-454 7555 ext 66456.

JUNIOR THEATRE: Youth theatre courses for the 14 to 16-year age group are held in the Biddick Arts Centre from 6pm to 7.30pm on Thursdays. For details, call 0191-219 3455