A TALE of monsters, heroes and blood feuds will come to Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre on Sunday.

Julian Glover, who played Nazi Walter Donovan in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and was General Maximillian Veers in The Empire Strikes Back, will be telling the adventure story, Beowulf.

An 11th Century classic of European literature, Beowulf is said to have inspired modern fantasy classics such as Lord of the Rings.

This is Mr Glover's only North-East performance and he is visiting Hartlepool during a break from the London rehearsals of Macbeth, which also features Sean Benn.

In addition to his many film and television performances, he has a distinguished record of stage appearances, including with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

As well as narrating Beowulf, he has adapted it for the stage and has co-written the latest published version.

The performance, which starts at 7.30pm on Sunday, is suitable for anyone over the age of ten. Tickets cost £8 or £7 for concessions.

For information or to book a ticket contact the box office on (01429) 890000.