THE tourism centre in Darlington could soon be linked up to others in the area.

Northumbria Tourist Board is hoping to work with local authorities across the region to create a Northumbria Network of Tourism Information Centres (TICs).

The network would share resources and best practice to improve services to visitors.

Under the scheme Darlington would become one of a number of gateway TICs which would offer services and information about the rest of the region.

A call centre would also be set up to deal with visitors' queries if staff at tourism information centres were busy with customers.

The Northumbria Tourist Board has submitted a bid to the English Tourism Council and hopes to put a three-year bid into One NorthEast to help to fund the project.

Darlington councillor David Lyonette said: "This is a way to increase the number of visitors, repeat visitors and increase efficiency. The different offices would share good practice and other things such as buying supplies together."