SPORTS fans and art lovers could soon have all their needs at their fingertips.

Derwentside District Council is putting together a comprehensive sports and arts directory.

The booklet, due out early next year, will list every arts or sports club, community group and society across the district.

Steve Howell, head of leisure services, said: "This will give members of the public confidence about what each club is about before they go along.

"It covers issues such as child protection policies and which groups offer junior sections."

Colin McBride, the council's sport activity manager, said: "People moving into the area often ask us for details on our sports and art facilities.

"Very often, a barrier for development is not knowing what is available. This should help to change that."

Any organisation wanting to be included in the directory should contact Claire Lowe for the arts section on (01207) 218531, or for sports listings contact Leanne Robertson on (01207) 218528.