THE winter dressage series at the Riding for the Disabled's Unicorn Centre began on October 29 and attracted a large number of high-standard entrants.

The series is sponsored this year by feed specialists Dodson and Horrell, who are providing gift vouchers and the championship prizes.

The next competition will be held on Tuesday, November 26.

The Unicorn Centre has recently replaced the indoor arena surface, which is receiving the thumbs up from competitors.

Centre manager Claire Pitt said: "The arena has been in constant use since we opened over four years ago and we felt it was extremely important to maintain the high standards we are known for.

"The surface is also dust-free, which is particularly helpful for many of our disabled riders."

Results. - Class 1, Prelim 4: 1 Sue Lockwood; 2 Liam Gamble; 3 Becky Williamson.

Class 2, Prelim 10: 1 Sarah Guthrie; 2 Ian Hammond; =3 Becky Williamson, Liam Gamble and Sue Lockwood.

Class 3, Novice 21: 1 Caroline Mann; 2 Liam Gamble; 3 Laura Brittain