THE BBC Changing Rooms television series this week featured the estate of Sir Thomas and Lady Ingilby - Ripley Castle, near Harrogate.

The show, screened last night, had an Upstairs Downstairs feel to it. Sir Thomas teamed up with new designer Gordon Whistance and Patsy Campbell, a receptionist at the estate's hotel The Boar's Head, while Lady Ingilby teamed up with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Steve Chesnut - the hotel's manager.

The rooms in question were a bedroom in the Grade II-listed Chantry House - home to Steve - and the living room of the Grade I-listed Castle gatehouse - home to Patsy.

Gordon Whistance's brief was to give a classical feel to a rather drab bedroom that was decorated in a seventies style. Even though it was his first show, he didn't play it safe and chose deep red for the walls and a rich cream colour for the woodwork.

In the Caste gatehouse, Laurence's brief was to brighten up the living room. His colour scheme followed the principle that pale, cool colours bring light to a room and proposed to paint it a shade of lilac. At first Lady Ingilby was not convinced but as Laurence started to reveal more colours she relaxed.

"Good fun was had by all", said Sir Thomas. "The staff were thrilled with their new rooms and have retained them in exactly the same form".

Mr Whistance said: "What an incredible way to start on Changing Rooms, working in the grounds of the one of the country's most beautiful castles."