MO Mowlam returned to her old stomping ground last Friday to see for herself the brand new town centre she helped to create.

The former Redcar MP and Northern Ireland minister said the new £26m Regent Walk shopping centre would help to recreate the town's glory days.

And, unlike most of her former constituents, she said she loved the town's latest piece of public art erected as part of the development.

The Seven Red Plaice metal sculpture, erected at the entrance of the new 23-unit shopping centre, is a showpiece part of the new development which also includes new roads and a bus services.

Dr Mowlam said: "This is a great day for Redcar. Regent Walk is a development that will make a real difference to the whole of the town. It's fantastic to see a project that I helped to start reach a successful conclusion - so many don't!

"I think the fish sculpture is a good piece of art. You never get everybody to like art straight away.

"They didn't like the Gateshead Angel or the Greyhound at Stockton at first, but then people begin to accept it."

The new shopping centre has been developed by Scarborough Development Group, formerly Teesland group, in partnership with Sir Robert McAlpine, Redcar and Cleveland Council and the Regional Development Agency, One NorthEast