Tony English became the hero of Tow Law Rose and Crown when he took the only point from the visiting league leaders, Tow Law New Market, who moved twelve points clear with a match in hand.

The leaders had singles points from David Dixon, Kenneth Atkinson, John Parkin, John Parker and Bobby Gray to add to their two trebles and three doubles points.

Sunniside Comedian pulled off a very good home win over the visiting third placed, Hamilton Row Black Horse. After the trebles were shared the visitors only took one singles point when Bill Hird won, The Comedian's singles successes came from John Smythe, John Peacock, Dave Ferguson, Ray Johnson and Raymond Wright. The Comedian completed their win by taking two of the three doubles.

The leading individual scorers were John Jordon with 180 and 140 for the Cattle Mart, L. Cullinan two 140's for the Moss Inn and W. Anderson and M. henry 140 each for the Earl Derby.

Results: Esh McKenna's 3 Esh Stag's Head 8; Tow Law Rose and Crown 1 Tow Law New Market A 10; Cornsay Royal Oak 0 Newhouse Club 11; Stanley Earl Derby 11 Tow Law Dan's Castle 0; Tow Law New Market B 7 Tow Law Station 4; Tow Law Cattle Mart 8 Sunniside Moss Inn 3; Sunniside Comedian 8 Hamilton Row Black Horse 3.

Willington League

Joe Bone, now in his 11th year as Chairman of the League, hit his first 180 of the season and inspired his team, Willington Cottles to an odd point home win over Willington Brewer's Droop. Cottles had singles wins from Keith Nicholson, John Barron, John Scott and Andrew Richardson, whilst Colin Lee and Jason Martin replied. Cottles then took doubles points through Arthur Burnham with John Scott and Chris Todd with Keith Nicholson. The Brewer's fought back to take the final doubles through Colin Lee and Rob Saunders and the team game.

Willington Black Horse Tavern lead the table by three points from Willington Club, who are four points ahead of Hunwick Joiners Arms, who have a match in hand.

Results: Willington Black Horse Inn 5 Willington Club 6; Willington Black Horse Tavern 8 Sunnybrow Brown Trout 3; Hunwick Quarry Burn 3 Victoria Club 8; Willington Cottles 6 Willington Brewer's Droop 5; Willington Commercial 8 Willington Lion and Unicorn 3; Willington Burn 4 Hunwick Joiners Arms 7.

Crook Ladies League

Crook Queen's Head A won the top of the table clash against the visiting Tow Law New Market B by five points to extend their lead to thirty-six points. The New Market B held on to second place with an eight points advantage over Crook Jelly's Bar B, who are one ahead of Crook Travellers Rest. Willington Commercial have withdrawn from the league and all the points won against them have been cancelled.

The leading individual scorers were Gail Abbott 140 and Dawn West 125 for the Queen's Head A, Wendy Reed 135 and 133 and Carol Newton 128 for the Victoria Club, Gloria Jones 127 for Tow Law Black Horse and Yvonne Pybourne and Lilly Chedd 122 each for Jelly's Bar A.


Tow Law Dan's Castle 3 Howden Green Tree 8; Crook Travellers Rest 5 Tow Law Cattle Mart 6; Crook Queen's Head A 8 Tow Law New Market B 3; Crook Cricket Club 4 Crook Jelly's Bar B 7; Victoria Club 8 Crook Belle Vue 3; Crook Jelly's Bar A 6 Crook Olde Horse Shoe 5; Tow Law New Market A 8 Crook Queen's Head B 3; Tow Law North Point 3 Billy Row Royal George 8; Tow Law Station 3 Willington Black Horse 8; Billy Row Green 5 Tow Law Black Horse 6.

Wear Valley Ladies Darts League

Crook Surtees were thrilled after they recorded their first victory of the season, especially as they did it in style at Crook Coach and Horses. The visiting players all did their part but feel that their very special mascot, which they carry to every match, might now be having the desired effect.

Tracey Thompson of Crook Royal Sun became the first player this season to see her three darts all find the treble twenty. The other leading scorers were Carol Haygarth, also from the Royal Sun, hit 174 and 120, Joan Hall of the Three Blue Bells hit 140, Susan Longstaff 140, Diane Fleming two 120's and Michelle Peart 121 for the Brewer's Droop, Margaret lee 140 and Nadine Maddison 121 for Sunnydene Lodge, Julie Heslop 132 for the Golden Fleece, Angela McDonald 124 for Byers Green, Freda Brown 122 for Oakenshaw, Pamela Wright 120 for the Surtees and Sheila Moore 120 for the White Swan.

In the top of the table clash Hunwick Quarry Burn overtook their hosts at Crook Bar 56 with a three points win which moved them top, level with Crook Golden Fleece, However it is very tight for these two are only two points ahead of Bar 56 and the Royal Sun, who only hold a one point advantage over Willington Brewer's Droop.


Crook Bar 56 3 Hunwick Quarry Burn 6; Willington Brewer's Droop 8 Crook Mill House 1; Crook Coach and Horses 3 Crook Surtees 6; Croft Social Club 1 Crook Golden Fleece 8; Byers Green 3 Crook Royal Sun 6; Crook Three Blue Bells 4 Oakenshaw 5; Crook White Swan 3 Howden Sunnydene Lodge 6.

Jonathan Ward Team Darts

The draw for the First Round is Ferryhill v Crowtrees; Blaydon and District v West Auckland; Stanley Empire A v Ryton; Murton Victoria v Burnhope Ivy Leaf; Stormont Main v Alberta Social; Stanley Empire B v Relton Terrace; Coxhoe A v South Moor Excelsior; New hesledon v Coxhoe B. Results to be into the Branch Office by 23 November.

Crook Darts League

Old Horseshoe lost the leadership when they were beaten by Belle Vue in the top match.

Results - Division One: Golden Fleece A 2 (3) Market 9 (2); Mill House 9 (2) Royal George 2 (3); Old Horseshoe 5 (3) Belle Vue 6 (2); RAFA 5 (4) Sunnydene Lodge 6 (1); Travellers Rest 5 (2) Blue Bells 6 (3); Royal Sun Inn 7 (1) White Swan 4 (4).

Division Two: Queens Head 5 (2) Coach and Horses 6 (3); Jelly's Bar A 4 (1) Cricket Club 7 (4); Farrers Arms 6 (2) Kings Head 5 (3); The Green 8 (2) Jelly's Bar B 3 (3); Green Tree 3 (3) Australian 8 (2); Dominoes results in brackets.

180s: Bobby Craggs twice (Queens Head); Stephen Bowes (Old Horseshoe); Jason Bone (Market); B Devlin (Royal George); Paul Morgan (Coach and Horses); Wilf Dobinson (Farrers Arms).

Top places: Darts: Division One: Market 53; Belle Vue and Old Horseshoe 52; Fleece A 48; Division Two: Cricket Club played 7; points 54; Coach and Horses 7;46; Queens Head 6;42; Australian 6;41.

Dominoes: Division One: RAFA 245; White Swan 20; Belle Vue 19; Blue Bells and Mill House 18; Division Two; Coach and Horses 7; 21; Cricket Club 7;19; Farrers Arms, Jelly's Bar B and Kings Head 17.

Weardale Ladies Darts League

Westgate Hare and Hounds had a big win at Rookhope but had all their points deducted for fielding an ineligible player.

Results: Wolsingham Black Lion B 2 Blanchland Sports Club 7; Stanhope Pack Horse 6 Wolsingham Black Lion A 3; St Johns Chapel Blue Bell A 6 Stanhope Bonny Moor Hen 3; Stanhope Grey Bull 7 St Johns Chapel Golden Lion A 2; St Johns Chapel Golden Lion B 5 Wolsingham Mill Race 4; Stanhope Queens Head 2 St Johns Chapel Blue Bell B 7; Eastgate Cross Keys 5 Rookhope WMC 4; Wolsingham Black Bull 3 Wolsingham WMC 6; Rookhope A 1 Westgate Hare and Hounds 8.

Top scores: Norma Parkin 140 twice;116;100 (Mill Race); June Barron 140 (Blue Bell B); Lesley-Ann Bell 140 (Black Bull); Elma Hardy 137 (Queens Head); Christine Charlton 133 (Grey Bull); Su Creasor 127 (Bonny Moor Hen).

Table: Blue Bell B 59; Mill Race 57; Blue Bell A 48; Wolsingham WMC 46; Queens Head 45; Hare and Hounds 43; Pack Horse 42; Sports Club 41; Golden Lion A, Rookhope WMC, Black Lion A and Golden Lion B 39; Grey Bull 35; Black Bull and Bonny Moor Hen 33; Rookhope A 30; Cross Keys 28; Black Lion B 27.