A STAMMERER who cured himself of the condition hopes to help others at a free open day in the North-East.

Stephen Hill, 28, whose story has been featured on national television, radio and in newspapers since he cured his own bad stammer, will hold the event in Durham on Saturday, January 25, provided there is sufficient interest.

He will show stammerers the key elements of his five-day individual tuition sessions, which he holds in Birmingham throughout the year.

Mr Hill said: "Approximately one in a hundred people has a stammer, or stutter as some people call it, usually men.

"It can literally ruin a person's life, stopping them from reaching their potential at work and restricting their social life, not to mention the ridicule some stammerers suffer at the hands of unfeeling people. The fluency techniques I used are transferable to others."

Anyone interested in attending the open day, which is open to stammerers and their families, can contact Mr Hill on (0121) 476 2510 or 07967 549 070, or by writing to him at 98 Farren Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5HW.

The venue has yet to be decided.