PEOPLE on a Darlington estate are opposing plans by a building developer to fell trees near their homes.

Families living in Clowbeck Court, on the High Grange estate, close to a strip of woodland, are angry at plans by Barratt Homes to fell 33 trees on the site.

The company had originally submitted plans to Darlington Borough Council to fell or prune up to 99 trees, but it was revised after 40 letters of objection were sent to the council's planning committee.

Estate residents are objecting because they feel that many of the trees that have been earmarked for destruction do not need to be felled.

Other trees, including mature oaks, that have been felled previously are being replaced with cherry trees, they say.

Residents believe there should be a like for like replacement.

The new application is to be discussed at a meeting of the council's planning committee on Wednesday.

Resident Allan Bailey said he is one of many residents opposed to the plans.

He said: "A lot of residents bought their houses because it was in a woodland area and that is why many are objecting.

"It started in June, when Barratts declared they wanted to take out 60 trees. Then it was revised to 33 trees.

"Some of the trees fall outside the area covered by the planning application. We think replacements should be a one-to-one basis. They have agreed to stop cutting down oak trees, but there has been no recompense for the ones they have cut down previously. We want to keep as much of the woodland as we can. There has been five years of tree fellings and there are a lot of stumps left.

"We just want to ensure that when the builders chop down trees they are replaced and they are adequately replaced."

The council's tree officer recommended the application be revised to 33 trees.

He said the trees were dead or in poor condition and the removal was "essential to ensure health and safety implications of diseased trees and deadwood are addressed".

It is recommended the application be granted subject to conditions including positions and types of trees being approved by the council.

No one from Barratts was available for comment at the weekend.