It may sound like a fishy story, but something strange is said to be lurking in a North-East country park.

And according to investigators, the fishermen's tale may point to the existence of the region's version of the half-human-half-ape Bigfoot.

The British Hominid Research organisation, which details reports of the strange creatures - up to 8ft tall, covered in hair and with long arms and large feet - is investigating reports from Northumberland. It claims the creatures, historically known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti, have been spotted by anglers at Bolam Lake country park, at Belsay.

Geoff Lincoln details the incident on his website,

He said: "In September, I was sent a report of a sighting of a large figure with glowing eyes, seen within Bolam Lake country park.

"After contacting the witnesses - three friends - it transpired that it was not their only sighting of a creature at Bolam."

The bulletin describes two further sightings of the Yeti-like beast. In the first, a witness, recalls a dark figure appearing on a track during a fishing trip.

He says: "It looked about 8ft tall, heavy built. Its eyes glared into the darkness. We ran, top speed, all the way back to the car."

A few weeks later, another witness camping at the lake is said to have heard a loud thud outside his tent followed by a faint growl. He emerged the next day to find his fishing tackle gone.

Mr Lincoln is appealing for anyone else who has encountered the Bolam Lake Bigfoot to contact him on 07985 518042 or by emailing

A Northumbria Police spokesman said they had no record of any Bigfoot sightings at the lake.