PUPILS at Roseberry Junior School, Billingham, were encouraged to talk in class when they had a visit from a theatre company.

The Muddles and the Crystals - two fictional families played by award-winning company CragRats Limited - showed youngsters the fun that can be had from speaking and listening to each other.

The CragRats show compared the communication skills of both wacky families to teach children how to improve the way they interact with other people.

Part of the BT Education Programme, the roadshow dropped in on the school as part of its mini-tour of Teesside.

The programme, aimed at children aged nine to 11, included a 30-minute performance and an hour-long workshop where the youngsters joined in.

To find out more about the BT Education Programme, which aims to promote better communication between people, contact the helpline on 0870 3330373 or visit www.bt.com/education.