RESIDENTS fear the creation of a bus park at Richmond School will increase traffic danger at peak times.

Objectors to proposals for the 16-bay development say buses turning from the parking area would impede traffic on the main road.

They are also concerned at the loss of the youth club playing field as part of the plans and that no mention is made of the school entrance from The Avenue.

Philip Leahy, who lives in The Avenue, said traffic in the area had increased dramatically in the last few years.

"No doubt this trend will continue," he said. "Sooner or later, without appropriate traffic calming and/or re-routing of traffic, more accidents involving pedestrians will occur."

Mr Leahy also referred to a conflict of interests for County Coun Oliver Blease, who is both a councillor and a trustee of the school.

Coun Blease admitted that he was in a difficult position. "As a councillor I represent the people in my council division but I am also a trustee of the school," he said. "It does tie my hands on this."

A spokesman for North Yorkshire County Council said the council was well aware of the traffic problems on Darlington Road during school runs but suggested parents could help to alleviate congestion by thinking about whether they really need to drive their children to school.