IMPROVEMENTS to enhance Cow Plantation in Spennymoor are under way.

Sections of the public footpath are being surfaced to enable access for wheelchair and pushchairs users.

It means that in wet weather the paths will still be accessible and not so prone to flooding. New kissing gates will also provide access.

Woodland management work will begin in late January through to late February and will involve selecting trees to be felled for the benefit of other trees.

A small number of trees will be removed in selected areas, enabling other trees to thrive with less competition.

Some of the logs will be stacked as habitat piles and the brushwood will be chipped.

Future work includes a variety of survey work, installing interpretation panels and continuing grassland and woodland management.

A Sedgefield Borough Council spokesman said: "This work will continue in different sections of the woodland throughout the next few years and will assist natural regeneration, ensuring that the woodland lives and thrives for future generations to enjoy. Cow Plantation is a valuable asset to the community and these improvements will make it more accessible to all."

For details about Cow Plantation, call Sedgefield council's countryside team on (01388) 816166, extension 4487.